25th Agrofood in Iran/Tehran

Pak-Fan participated in 25th Agrofood  in Tehran, which was held on 29 June-02 July 2018 successfully.

We are very pleased to have Eng. Willmann sales director division food of Brabender  company who attended in the exhibition and met the customers.

The Brabender new technology (GlutoPeak), which was introduced to Iran market for the first time in November 2017, was presented and technical information was given to the experts and visitors which was highly welcomed by them. The applicability of this device in measuring the quality of Iranian wheat is being investigated at various factories and the results will be announced subsequently.

Other specialized laboratory devices were also visited at the pavilion, including:

Farinograph: The oldest and, at the same time, the most accurate technology which exist in the case of measuring the flour water absorption and dough rheological properties during mixing …

 Extensograph: A precise and powerful device for examining dough rheological properties during different rest times. Suitable for evaluating the rheological properties of different flours and their correspondence with the characteristics of the desired final product

Amylograph: A precision viscometer with a gradual increase in the temperature of the mixer, provides the cooking conditions for the flour starch and shows its rheological properties during cooking time.

Texture Analyser: An accurate and flexible tool for examining the physical characteristics of different materials.

Water Activity: An Effective Device for measuring the water activity of different products.

The 43-year-old co-operation, meeting with Iranian customers, giving and receiving information and introducing new technologies by the experts of the best laboratory equipment producers in the world were the achievements of the exhibition.

Thanks to all customers and visitors who attended our invitation during the exhibition.