Report on the function of the Pak-fan company at the Agrofood Exhibition in 2019

Agrofood exhibition among the fairs was held in 2019, had most contributor, but we had observed a 25% decline in the participants and activists of this industry. Dedication of food industry start up pavilions and the impressive presence of domestic manufacturer units at this fair were the positive points of this exhibition, so that, 760 from 920 participants were domestic manufacturers.

Last year, 1125 companies from 29 countries attended the fair, but this year 920 companies from 20 countries participated in the exhibition, which means a 25 percent decrease in the number of companies and a 31 percent decline in the number of countries.

According to Negashteh magazine, Pak Fan Co. as an active company in the food industry, as well as domestic and foreign fairs, was present at this exhibition for the fifth consecutive year. In order to make a small contribution to improving the quality of food in the country, the company has always tried to localize the latest scientific and technological achievements of the world, keep up with the requirements of the country’s industry and present to manufacturers.

One of the most important devices that we have unveiled in this exhibition was the Glotopic, which has recently localized after two years of research in most valid research center of Iran and flour mills and has achieved good results. This technology has been able to answer the questions of the flour mills toward the uncertainty about Gluten and Gluten Index numbers. In fact, it was always a question for customers why in some cases, despite the high numbers of gluten and gluten index, did not get appropriate results after the dough formation and baking the final product. We were able to measure gluten quality by quick analysis of gluten behavior rather than measuring gluten and gluten index numbers. Because we believe that having a number alone in a physicochemical processes cannot be counted, and its behavior must be checked over this period.

These days, the discussion of measuring the rheological properties of dough for flour mills is very significant, that Glotopic device can provides a general overview of the dough rheology to the customer with repeatable and documentary graphs in about 5 minutes. By interpreting the Glotopic graph, the quality of gluten and protein, the rate of flour water absorption, dough strength, and even the volume of final product can be evaluated and predicted. These items are very important to match the sample with the purchased weight, selecting the wheat according to the type of product, the division of the silos and the exact amount of mixing whenever you get wheat.