Practical workshop for rheological properties of dough by Pak-Fan Co. in Behnam flour mill

According on our aim which is connection between industry and university and importance of knowledge we held specialized work shop accompany Behnam Flour mill in Khorasan Razavi on 10 of Jul 2019.

This flour mill equipped with full set of rheological devices from Brabender

Farinograph TS, Extensograph E, Amyloraph E, Junior mill , sedimat mill , shaker) also Texture Analyzer.

Behnam flour mill is  one of the equipped flour mill who has accredited lab.

In the 1 day work shop we host quality control specialist and Authorities from different organization such as Standard institute, government grain corporation, research and development of agriculture and flour mill.

Theory subject about importance of quality control and rheological properties of flour and dough explained to the audience and then practical analyzes has been done with Brabender devices for different kind of flour with premix and without that. At the end texture analyzer has been tested for end product.

Thanks Pakravan family who host customers and support us for having great workshop.