In 1974 Pak-Fan Co. has been established by educated and experienced professors Eng. Mansoor Ahmadi .

According on his goal ,the activity of this company has been followed  by a group of engineer, professors at university  up  to now.

near to a half century experienced.

The main activity of Pak-Fan Company is marketing , importing , selling of laboratory instruments, measuring instruments ,Pilot Plant, Machinery ,as well  consulting  services .

Most of the activities  of Pak- Fan Company, cover Food ,Pharmacy, Cosmetic, polymer and chemical industries.

From 1975 our group had successful business cooperation as the sole agent  of famous companies Such as:

Brabender  ( Germany)

 Brabender Messtechnik

Novasina( Switzerland )

Dickey – John – Europe ( U.S.A)

Stable Micro Systems(England)


Zeutec (Germany)-


 Esco-Lab (Switzerland)

The group have more than 40 years experience in  management , marketing, selling , quality control , research , education training  and consulting services .

The company is the long established company with many years experience and very good relationship with both Iranian  industrial and commercial organization and famous international companies.

For our business we have high ability and much experience and complete facilities for marketing , selling and after sale services .”

Our complete familiarity of the market situation , the characters of the customers and the culture of our country which are the most important factors for the success in the market of Iran.

Our high technical knowledge of the instruments and new technology

Cooperating with famous company for high quality laboratory equipment

Make us powerful in the market.

We believe that science is ability. With the right information and knowledge can be properly decide. Choose the best and most accurate  is the right decision.

Our company with more than 40 years experience will guide you to choose the most accurate and high quality laboratory equipment and become a high quality producer of your product and compete in the market, get much benefit and remain in the market.



Founded 1923 by Carl Wilhelm Brabender, Brabender? GmbH & Co. KG, as the leading supplier, develops, produces and sells instruments and equipment for determination of material quality and physical properties in all ranges of research, development and industrial production in the chemical- and food industry world-wide.Target of the associate and the general management is the long-term assurance of the existance and values of the company. Only a company that works profit-oriented assures their future and thus the future of their employees.


Brabender Messtechnik’s core areas of business are the production of measuring devices for residual moisture in plastics, measuring viscosity of fluid media, paste and temperature depending measurement of plastic elasticity. As one of the world’s leading suppliers, our equipment is found in most plastic and fluid/pasty media processing industries. Besides our international headquarters in Duisburg, Germany, we have representatives all over the world. From all our locations we offer our customers measurement devices for their specific requirements and, being a competent and reliable partner, help them with our services.

Hauschild SpeedMixer®

Since 1974 Hauschild GmbH & Co. KG (Hauschild Engineering) has been providing innovative mixing solution worldwide for a wide range of applications.

Hauschild SpeedMixer is the most widely used equipment in laboratories around the world when mixing is a critical part of the R&D process. In just a few minutes, the Hauschild SpeedMixer can be used to obtain air bubble-free multi-material compounds, such as liquids, high-viscosity pastes and powders.


Stable micro systems

Stable Micro Systems’ 600 square metre headquarters offers full design, manufacture and product support facilities of high quality texture analysis and powder characterisation equipment.

Stable Micro Systems’ roots lie in high quality design and development engineering. We hope that this will be evident when you see the engineering excellence built into every one of our accessories. Our design and development skills are honed by our own applications laboratory tests and by feedback from our customers.


Novasina combines unique sensor technology and know-how in development and production of measurement instruments. Consequently, our customers are able to improve their quality management and are in better control of the relative air humidity, temperature and differential pressure in their regulated climates. Our instruments help you to reach your goals!

Dickey john

 DICKEY-john has been revolutionizing electronics for more than four decades. Customers look to DICKEY-john for market-leading monitors, controllers, moisture testers, ground speed sensors, and a variety of other systems used in agricultural, public works, and analytical markets.

Today, DICKEY-john has extensive expertise in the areas of engineering and manufacturing. Continuous research and customer partnerships help us develop the latest technological advances in designing precision instrumentation. And our highly-integrated manufacturing is performed in an ISO 9001:2008-certified facility


The company was founded in August of 1970 by its owner, Mr. Manfred Tews, and started the business by selling scientific calculators during the first years.
From this beginning EDP-based data collecting and evaluating systems were developed for laboratories and hospitals. In the mid 70’s the development of process-control-computers for customer-specific applications in the wide field of process automation was started.
Beginning with 1985 the company TEWS Elektronik became the exclusiv representativ for a selection of moisture measuring systems in Northern Germany. The development of the first instrument based on microwave technology started in the late 80´s.


Since 1997, ZEUTEC is developing optoelectronic measurement systems. At the beginning special emphasis was given to the distribution of miniature spectrophotometers, spectroscopy components and spectral imaging systems. This was followed by first in house developments of fiberoptic coupled probes, flow cells, light sources and chemometric software packages.

In 2003, the first industrial online image analysis system for the determination of contamination in powder streams was developed and installed. During the following years ZEUTEC supplied customized spectral imaging systems to a broad range of German and European research institutes and a large number of industrial customers.




For over thirty years ESCO-Labor has developed and produced processing plants for use in Laboratory and Production. Offering a useful volume from one to four-hundred litre, our processing plants mix liquid and pasty products guaranteeing an absolute homogeneous final product. In addition to a good mixing result, we set high values on value for money-performance-ratio, a simple operation and easy and thorough cleaning.