Break Mill SM 4

The Break Mill SM 4 is a small, sturdy laboratory mill for sample preparation for the moisture determination and for analysis of e.g. protein or fat. It is for …

Rotary mill-wiley mill-small

Rotary Mill

The Brabender® Rotary Mill grinds manifold material prior to the analysis – properly, reliably, with variable degree of fineness.

Quadrumat senior-small

Quadrumat® Senior

Superior process-technical features have made the Quadrumat® Senior one of the most commonly used instruments of its kind …


Quadrumat® Junior

The Brabender® Quadrumat® Junior is a universal laboratory roller mill for milling grain ready for further analysis. In one passage …

bran duster-small

Bran Duster

If the ash content and yield of your grain sample do not meet the required specification, the bran duster carefully separates flour particles still adhering …



The Sedimat was developed by Brabender® in particular for grain sample preparation for the Zeleny sedimentation test …


Moisture Tester MT-CA

The Brabender® MT-CA Moisture Tester is an electronic moisture meter that works on the principle of heat drying in circulating air …



Like its predecessor, the new Farinograph®-TS offers the familiar standards-compliant Farinograph® measurement principle, and …

Aqua Inject

Aqua Inject

Aqua-Inject is the ideal auxiliary device for automatic water dosage and titration with the Farinograph-TS/-E (USB).

extensograph E-small - Copy


Use the Brabender® Extensograph®-E for measuring the stretching properties of your dough, in particular the resistance to extension and …



The baking properties of flour mainly depend on the gelatinization of the starch and on the enzyme activity (a-amylase) in the flour.