In this unprecedented time in which human life is challenged in all aspects around the world, as a part of the food industry society we, Pak Fan team, feel responsible more than ever.

We believe that our costumer’s trust is the most valuable aspect of our business which needs to be gained and kept in the best ways.

To achieve this goal Pak Fan team is highly determined to assist customers to help the food industry to stay active since, in this time, it is significantly crucial to have a productive food industry to maintain a healthy society.

The start of the pandemic has led Pak Fan to make major changes in customer service. One of these changes is holding live webinars (or web-based seminars) instead of workshops. The reasons were to practice social distancing and at the same time give technical support to our customers to find a better understanding of the laboratory equipment (which Pak Fan is their sales agent) and their test results.

One of these webinars has been held mutually by Pak Fan and Brabender holding. The subject of this event was “The Brabender® „3-Phase-System“Indispensable in Quality Control, Research and Development”. Mr. Markus Loans, Business Development Manager of the Food section of Brabender was the main lecturer. The webinar was repeated for the second time because of the high demand of the attendants.

The subjects which were discussed were;

  • Rheological properties of flour
  • Significance of water absorption determination in the flour and bakery industry
  • Effect of different additives on the flour properties and
  • Mixing kinds of wheat with different rheological qualities to optimize the final product characteristics

Because of the high demand of our customers, we are planning to hold more webinars shortly, to play a positive role in helping the food industry to stay efficiently productive.