Humidity & Temperature

                   ClimMate                     Portable, battery-powered measuring and reference instrument for measurement of …


Humidity & Temperature

           QuantaDat / nSens         Multi-sensor measurement system with intelligent and robust humidity/temperature sensors …


Humidity & Temperature

                    HygroMaxx                The ideal Thermo-Hygrometer for measurements of relative air humidity and temperature in room or …


Humidity & Temperature

                    StatMaxx                     This Thermo-Hygrostat with integrated relay switch is particularly useful for monitoring, supervision and …


Humidity & Temperature

                    HygroGuard                Efficient Data loggers with built-in or external humidity, temperature or pressure sensor, which can be used …

Temp Maxx-small

Humidity & Temperature

                     TempMaxx           Universal temperature transmitter with analogue output and relay switch especially developed for …

SAL sc Standards-small

Humidity & Temperature

     SAL-SC Humidity Standards      Humidity standards are used for verification and calibration of probes and transmitters.

Conveyor belt-small

Conveyor belt

The conveyor belt takes off and transports your extruded profiles from any Brabender® extruder or Extrusiograph®.