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Iranplast Iranplast 2018 report

Iranplast Iranplast 2018

Agrofood Agrofood Report

Workshop Brabender Workshop

Agrofood Agrofood 2018

GlutoPeak-1 GlutoPeak Seminar

نمایشگاه-ایبکس-پاک-فن-1 IBEX 2017 Report

Icon-Ibex The 11Th International Flour & Bakery Industry Exhibition

Brabender-Workshop Pak-Fan Workshop 2017

Iranplast-2 Iran Plast 2017 Report

Iranplast-2 Iran Plast

انستیتو تغذیه-3 National nutrition and food technology research institute

column1-image6 Agrofood 2017-Report

column1-image6 Agrofood in Tehran international fair Group


icon-ibexIBEX 2016

k-show-2016K Show 2016

column1-image6 Agrofood in Tehran international fair Group

column1-image6 Agrofood 2016

column1-image6 Iran Plast 2016

seminar1-small Second Specialized seminar on the Importance of Flour Quality Control

column1-image6 Ibex 2015

column1-image6 Brabender aged 92 years

column1-image6  IBA Exhibition 2015

column1-image6 The 1st International Conference on Natural Food Hydrocolloids

column1-image6 Ibex 2015

column1-image6 Ibex 2014