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NIR – SpectraAlyzer 2.0 Juice

Company: Zeutec

The SpectraAlyzer BRAUMEISTER is the ideal solution for routine analysis of major quality parameters during beer production.

In modern brewing operations, reliable and accurate analytical results are necessary to provide customers with products of highest and – what is most important – consistent quality. In order to be most competitive in the world market, consistent high yields, top quality and low production costs are the objectives that need to be achieved. Designed as a modular system, the SpectraAlyzer® BRAUMEISTER solution presents the analytical results of these major quality parameters in beer and beer mix drinks: alcohol content, density, extracts, bitter units IBU, sugar content, pH, N-content, Invertase content and colour within 45 seconds. There is no need to manually condition the sample and extra (harmful) reagents do not need to be used. This analyzer solution provides highly accurate quality control parameters at no extra cost at different production areas e.g. mashing, lautering, boiling, fermenting, conditioning, filtering, and packaging. As a stand alone system the analyzer solution can be operated very easily and intuitively – even close to the production line. The rugged construction and unique optical sample/reference setup ensures reliable operation in environments with fluctuating temperatures, vibration and dust.