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NIR – SpectraAlyzer Grain

Company: Zeutec

The SpectraAlyzer grain is a Near-InfraRed spectrometer which is dedicated to analyze the composition of samples using the near infrared absorbance characteristics of the sample spectra. It is suitable for the compositional analysis of a wide variety of food products like grains, cereals, oil seeds and flour. All possible parameters of e.g. grain products, such as protein, moisture, oil, ash, hardness and water absorption can be analyzed simultaneously. The sample is top filled directly into the sample cell of the SpectraAlyzer grain, there is no need for grinding or other sample preparation at all.

The sample will be fed through the sample chamber via a robust feeding device and automatically discharged. In order to analyze powder samples e.g. wheat flour an optional Flour Module is as accessory available. Each analyzer can be fitted with a Test Weight Module (Bushel weight, hectoliter weight) to determine the volume to weight ratio of the sample. An automatic path length adjustment enables the user to quickly analyse a multitude of whole grain and oil seed samples.

The instrument is controlled with an easy-to-use icon driven software, using a modern interface glass panel slider called COS Central Operation Slider, and a color TFT display with 640×480 pixels. The innovative graphical user interface and its functions has a similar operability as e.g. the AppIe IPod®. The user interface is made out of glass for easy hygienic cleaning and years of maintenance free operation. A web server operating on the instrument allows the direct connection to the www (world wide web) so results and maintenance can be done directly from Internet browsers e.g. MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and others. The web front end allows remote browser based instrument supervision. No PC application software is necessary.