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Model: DAC 150/250 SP

Company: Hauschild SpeedMixer®

The DAC150 and DAC250 series are the smallest machines in the Hauschild SpeedMixer® product range. The main applications for this machine size are laboratory screening of development formulations as well as QA / QC tests. By mixing quickly, the laboratory can greatly improve the efficiency and range of tests. Their table size makes them ideal for research and development purposes where the total gross weight of the material to be mixed does not exceed 150 g or 250 g. A good price-performance ratio also enables start-up companies and small research laboratories that want to try out the technology in small projects to take advantage of the Hauschild SpeedMixer®.

Equipped with a variable speed setting from 300 to 3,500 rpm (2,500 rpm for the DAC250), the DAC150 and DAC250 represent the latest in DAC technology and are the most reliable and powerful machines of this size on the market. Each machine can be programmed with a mixing time of up to one minute (FV version) and up to five minutes (FVZ version).

*Gross weight includes mix, mixing bowl and holder. These values ​​are nominal values ​​and can change due to the material properties.