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Plasti Corder Lab Station

Company: Brabender

The Brabender® Plasti-Corder® Lab-Station / Lab-Station EC represent the new generation of torque rheometers for all kinds of process-technical investigations or processing tasks in laboratories and simulation.

The universal docking station ensures the adapting of mixer and extruder.

With a speed range of 0.2 – 350 min-1, the 16 kW-powered Plasti-Corder® Lab-Station is beside operating the measuring extruder type 19, the conical twin screw extruder, the co-rotating twin screw extruder TSE20/40 and measuring mixer type 30/50 and P600 especially suited for Brabender® single screw extruder type 30, twin screw extruder 25 and mixer type 350.