New laboratory technology of Brabender

Brabender Middle East manager starts his speech at Iran Grain First Conference: I’m Tibor Hajsz, Middle East manager of German Brabender Company. In this short time, I will talk about Brabender Company, activities and Iran market.

Brabender Company started in Duisburg, where it repaired electronics machine. The company was founded in 1923 by Carl Wilhelm Brabender. The main focus of the company is the development of laboratory devices to determine the physical properties and quality control of raw materials for food industry and plastic polymer factories.

These devices are used in: input and output material control, production control and simulation, research and optimization of production characteristics, updating of old formulations for new products and in lab production. International standards such as AACC and ICC are based on Brabender’s manufacturing equipments.

Farinograph and Extensograph devices made by Brabender Company resolve wheat and flour activist’s uncertainties regarding water absorption rate, precise mixing rate for minimum use of qualitative wheat, dough elasticity, predicting dough properties during fermentation and baking and measuring the quality of the raw materials of the factory.

“These devices are applicable in reception of raw materials in the laboratory to the production line,” said Brabender Middle East Manager for the company’s devices. In addition to Farinograph and Extensograph, Brabender is involved in the manufacture of devices such as laboratory mills, humidity meter, extruders and starch properties determination.

He pointed to the company’s new technologies: After years of producing the mentioned devices, Brabender decided to develop new technologies such as a ViscoQuick, glutopic and Farinograph automatic water injection. ViscoQuick is suitable for starch analysis, covering its heating and cooling systems from -15 to 20°C. Low sample, high speed and reliable results are the benefits of this device. GlutoPeak is a fast test device for protein quality, water absorption and gluten quality test in less than 5 minutes.

The company also launched the MetaBridge system to integrate devices software. This system enables centralized access to all device data.

At the end, Tibor Hajsz said: I am interested in introducing Brabender’s exclusive representative in Iran, Pak-Fan Company. This is very important for Brabender, who has worked with a single representative in Iran for nearly 50 years. Notes from the late Mr. Ahmadi, the founder of Pak-Fan Company in the field of cereals and flour, show the company’s merit. I am very pleased to be able to work with the Pak-fan team and have many customers in Iran, and I hope to add more flour companies to this large group.