Brabender workshop

The workshop was held at the Institute of Nutrition and Food Industry Research using Brabender laboratory equipment on June 23th , 2018. Technical director of Brabender, Mr. Stefan Jansen and Dr. Sahar Jazayeri, a faculty member at Shahid Beheshti University were the lecturers at this event.

The main subjects which were discussed in this workshop were the importance of wheat, flour and dough quality control, assessing rheological properties of flour and dough by laboratory equipment, elaborating the results of Farinograph, Extensograph and Amylograph tests, introducing the GlutoPeak and its abilities as a rapid method in determining the characteristics of wheat and flour.

In the second half time of this training course, different tests by the Farinograph, Extensograph, Amylograph and Glutopeak devices were run in collaboration with the participants. In this section, a blank flour sample and the same flour sample containing additives were analyzed with each of the three devices, and the results were compared and explained by the technical director of the company. Also considering the results, some recommendations were made in order to modify the concentration of additives.